The Hall of Manjushri

The Hall of Manjushri

Homage to Gurus and Manjushri.

"Listen, Shariputra,

I see through the Buddha's Eyes,

That living beings in the six realms,

Being poor and distressed, lacking merit or wisdom,

Enter the perilous paths of birth and death,

Suffer continuously without any break.

Deeply attached to the five desires,

They are like a yak enamored of it's tail,

Blinding themselves with greed and craving,

With vision so impaired that they can see nothing.

They do not seek the Buddha, with his great might,

Or the Dharma that can end their sufferings.

But enter deeply into erroneous views,

Hoping to shed suffering through suffering.

For the sake of these living beings

I summon up a mind of great compassion."

--The Lotus Sutra

All beings yearn for happiness and do not want suffering. Nonetheless, without wisdom, one will be blind in the darkness of ignorance and suffer even further. In this prison of vexation, the transcendent wisdom of Manjushri, with his loving compassion of a father for his only son, shines like the sun to dispel the darkness that encloses the mind, so as to guide all beings to discriminate between right and wrong views, between beneficial and non-beneficial actions, and attain enlightenment.

With the wish to dispel the cloud of ignorance and benefit all beings, Rigpey Yeshe Rinpoche has started a project to build the Hall of Manjushri, which will liberate all beings who see it.

As the symbol of the Buddha's enlightened mind, the presence of the Hall is a field of enormous merit, contributing to the welfare and happiness of all beings.

It was said in a sutra that, if one wants to perform the King of all conditional virtues, so as to build the ladder to the upper realms within this life and accomplish good deeds like a wish-fulfilling tree in the next rebirths, one should build Buddha's relics stupas on a land where there is no stupa before, build temples and shrines for the Sangha, eliminate differing views in learning Dharma, and be diligent in meditation and the boundless mind of loving kindness. These four activities are supreme causes for accomplishing pure merits in this lifetime.

Construction of the three-storey Hall was completed in August 2006. 24 gilded Buddha statues are placed on the 3 floors of the Hall. Please click the following link for a thorough look of the Hall.

Gallery of the Hall of Manjushri to See for Salvation