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May all virtuous spiritual guides who expound the Noble Path live long and spread the Dharma far and wide. May all mother sentient beings obtain temporary and permanent happiness, with joy and health in this life, and be reborn in the Western Pureland of Great Bliss in the next life. I would urge everyone to have pure faith in, and devotion for, the Guru and the Three Jewels, to have compassion towards all sentient beings, and to practise well in order to attain enlightenment soon.
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Rigpey Yeshe Rinpoche
 Supplication to the Supreme Emanation
- Rigpey Yeshe Rinpoche
- for Invoking the Three Kinds of Faith
by Khenpo Detong
Outwardly, you are the Lord of Secrets, who accomplishes magical powers.
Inwardly, you are Manjushri, the Lord
of Wisdom.
Secretly, you are the Lord Padmapani, whose nature is compassion.
I supplicate you, the unexcelled Guru who is the single embodiment of the three families.
You dispel all of our hardships and obstacles in this life,
You will guide us to the Pureland in the
next life.
You introduce sentient beings to recognize primordial wisdom.
You purify negativities and lead the misguided and strayed back to the right path.
To realize the stages and paths
beyond Samsara.
Grant your blessings so that we may accomplish the Body of Light in this life.
Wherever we might be reborn in the
six realms,
May your compassionate mind never
abandon us.
The Guru knows.
The Guru knows.
The Guru knows.
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